the lawsuit takamine

Vintage Japanese craftsmanship meets classic American design.  This model is often referred to as a 'lawsuit' guitar.  It is an exact replica of a Martin D-28, with a solid spruce top.

Story goes that Martin set up shop in Japan but the deal fell through at the last minute, and Takamine went ahead with production.  Eventually the design was altered after Martin issued a cease and desist letter.  These vintage clones play beautifully for a fraction of the cost.  The spruce has aged to a nice honey blond, and provides a warm, full-bodied sound.

When I found this guitar the woods had dried and the inlays had all fallen out.  I locked it in a case for two weeks with a wet sponge as a humidifier, effectively increasing the moisture content in the air, which the natural woods easily absorbed.  Once the neck had been oiled, dryness cracks spanning the length re-sealed themselves.  Pearloid inlays of the original color were sourced, reset, and sanded down flush with the fret board.

After replacing the strings the guitar plays beautifully.